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Tech Spec.


  • In order for me to do a great job with your music I have to make sure things are done technically right.  Files have to be recorded and sent in a high quality way to produce a high quality result.

  • After receiving all your files I will review them and make sure there are no problems and setup a creative call to go over the direction of your music.

  • For any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.

  • Mixes must be delivered in a Pro Tools or Logic Pro session or  as full resolution audio stems from top to tail of the song. The audio files exported from your session at the sample rate and bit depth they were recorded at. Make sure all audio files begin from the same point, like bar 1/beat 1 and are WAV or AIFF (44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96 Khz). Please bounce/commit any MIDI instruments as audio files.

  • Bit depth should be 24bit (or 32bit-Floating Point).

  • For help with how and what to export out of your DAW contact me and I will be happy to help you.

  • If the song has tempo changes, please provide me with the details (you can export a MIDI file from the session, that should include a tempo map information inside it).

  • Files for Mastering must be delivered as full resolution files (No mp3 or compressed files).  Do not convert mp3 files to full resolution either (this does nothing to the sound quality and leads to a poor result).

You can easily hire me on:


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If you prefer just feel free to contact me for informations or to get a quotation

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